How do I check the status of an order?

In “My orders” you can see the progress of all of them. Once delivered, you will receive more information on how to track the package and when it will arrive.

To check the status of your purchase, click ‘My Account’. Click it and choose ‘Orders’ in your dashboard, which is a page of all your active and previous orders.

If on the right hand side of the listing title the icon is Orange, it means that the item has not shipped yet. You will receive a shipping confirmation email when the tracking number has been put into the system and your order receipt with your dashboard will provide the info for you to track the shipment.

What forms of payment does Two kings Watches?

We accept payment with Visa, Mastercard & American Express or a PayPal account. All credit cards used for payment must have a valid billing address.

Why am I required to register before making a purchase?

Registering is quick and easy, we require only a password in addition to the email that you provide. Having an account lets you keep track of your orders’ status from your dashboard easily.

How can I trust buying on Two kings Watches?

We know that safety and trust are really important to you and being frequent online shoppers ourselves, we take it seriously. When you purchase an item on Two kings Watches, we accept your payment through a secure PayPal gateway portal that keeps your personal information private.

How do I adjust my mesh strap?

Are Two kings watches waterproof?

They are not water proof, however they are water resistant to 3ATM, meaning they can only be subjected to light splashes/moisture.

Leather straps, we recommend not getting them wet at all, as it will shorten the lifetime of the leather.


How can I care for my mesh strap?

Two kings mesh straps are made from 100% stainless steel, with black and rose gold plating. If you use/ wear it correctly and care for it, its lifespan will last longer. If you are interested in maintaining the product to a quality standard, please note the following instructions.

  • Watches are not waterproof, please do not use them around and/or in water.
  • Please remove your watch before undertaking a shower or sleep.
  • Two Kings watches should not be worn whilst doing any physical or immense labour work, or during sporting activities.

How can I care for my leather strap?

Two Kings leather straps are made using 100% genuine leather. In some cases you may come across some scratches or marks, that may be visible to the leather as this is only natural. This is normal and not seen as a company problem, overtime the leather will develop natural patina which will darken the strap from wearing, it is up to the customer to preserve their watch strap for as long as possible using the correct care procedures and avoiding,

  • Water/ moisture contact
  • Over – exposure to sun/ heat or direct lighting
  • Keeping it in high temperatures when not using the product.

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