Our Story

The brand Two Kings was based on a family tragedy that happened a couple of years back. The foundation behind the prospect came at a time when everything seemed forgotten.

“My father had a stroke , leaving him fighting for his life. Seeing something you love almost so easily be taken away from you makes you want to drop everything and hit a dead end. My father inspired me to go ahead with this idea. He told me over and over, son, this is a wake up call, and if anything ever happened to me, it would have to be after I help you chase your dream, otherwise I would pass hating myself for not helping you, following this it really hit me hard, so the  planning and researching was continued, finding a gap in the market, we came across watches. We wanted to build a brand where people didn’t have to break the bank to afford minimal fashion, where everyone would be treated to the same quality, without considering their financial status or wealth, at the end of the day we are all human, why should the good people suffer for no apparent reason. This is what I was telling myself day in day out after what happened to my father. It was shattering to witness the process of my father going through such pain but staying strong for the rest of our family, when I know deep down it was killing him to admit the pain and suffering he had gone through. I am Just grateful that he is still alive, and out of the goodness of his heart, we combined forces to create Australia’s most affordable, genuine quality wrist wear. You don’t know what you have until its gone, you may not wake up and see tomorrows beautiful sunlight, so make today count and don’t waste every second being unhappy, but spend hours enjoying your time, hence the name Two Kings. “

We are very proud to announce that we will be donating money from each watch sold to the Stroke foundation. The reason for this is because they were there for my father when he needed it most. Just like they are there for the thousands of other families in need when stroke impacts their lives. A stroke can be your worst nightmare so we are doing our bit by giving back one step at a time so that many other families can have positive outcome just as we did.

The dream of equality in a world where that fades away more and more each day. Our beliefs of everyone being equal and being able to afford such quality fashion without having to break the bank or worried about being ripped off, we are treating our customers to the most affordable prices with the best 100% quality as well, mixing our dream to help change the world, or give it our all too, mixing passion of affordable fashion to get the point across.

We Hope you Enjoy our products, and Congratulations to also contributing towards the stroke foundation, your purchase goes a long way, best wishes.

Life is short, keep time on your hands.

Zac Brooks
CEO & Co-Founder
Two Kings Watches

Our vision is to ensure all our watches are sold of the highest quality, to our many clients. We go above and beyond with our customer satisfaction to match our high-quality products. Our Customers are our number one and we want to take care of everyone’s wrists. it’s so easy to see why so many people choose Two Kings MMXVII as the brand to go to for their needs. So why waste time when you can gain it?

Our mission is to bring out products that suit your lifestyle, and to bring everyone on board no matter who you are, we will not stop until we see all of you wearing this phenomenal brand. WE want to continue to be the peoples brand.

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